Sunday 20 April 2008

Mathis Streitwieser

An Greek-Israeli model, he's 6'2" and currently signed to Promod, Ace Models Greece, Future models milan and Premier Models London.

mathisstreitwieser1 mathisstreitwieser5

Waist 34    Men Shoe 11.5     Hair Red/Brown   Eyes Blue


A well published model he has appeared in many print magazines and also a large number of top fashion shows.

mathisstreitwieser3 mathisstreitwieser4

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Peter Siegfried Krug said...

I knew Matthias Streitwieser personally. He talked about travelling to Tibet. I got to know Matthias at the Freilassing sports park. Matthias was an extremely pleasant and calm person. His appearance was striking because he was so handsome. He was taller than the average German. He trained in the gym. His body was bulging with muscle. He looked dazzling and you knew he had a career ahead of him. But I didn't know how famous he became as a model after his death. Matthias Streitwieser is not forgotten, but can also be seen on Russian websites and countless other websites. His beauty and his fate have touched countless people around the world.