Saturday 21 November 2009

Diego Fragoso

Diego is a Brazillian model signed to F Mendes Models.

diego fragoso diego fragoso1

Besides the huge tattoo that covers half of his back, he also has one on the left thigh, and another on part of his right thigh and extending up to the ankle.



Diego_Fragoso_3[3]   Diego_Fragoso_4[3]


Sunday 15 November 2009

Alon Dankner

Alon began modeling when “I was approached by a photographer who wanted to take my picture, which sparked my interest in becoming a professional model.” He has just begun his career, “presently I haven’t modeled for any brand names or companies but I do have experience in modeling through local runway shows in New York and random photo shoots.”


However as he looks to his future in the industry, “my ultimate goal is to be on the cover of any male fitness magazine, but I would also like to be a model for Abercrombie and Fitch, Diesel, Prada, Hogo Boss, D & G, and any sport name brands like Nike.”

alon2 alon3

Alon hopes to revolve his future around modeling. “The goals that I have set thus far are to be successful, well respected and to develop a strong network, all of which I hope can center around the modeling industry.” He is driven to achieve these goals by “my positive personality which motivates me to set high goals and my endurance which enables me to work hard to achieve them. Fortunately I have a strong support system that allows me to never lose focus on my desired goals.”


The one person who inspires him is “my uncle, he taught me to always do the right thing, to value others and help them whenever I can, to be a lifelong learner, to smile and keep a sense of humor even when things get tough, to work hard and do my best in any situation, and love, support and protect my family and friends.”


Photos by Eli Hue Photography You can read the full interview at On Display Men

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray, born in 1987 in Sacramento, California, is an American model.


Gray started his modeling career at the age of 18 appearing in catalogue ads. His mixed Latino features and beautiful jaw lines gained the admiration of many photographers.

pic04 pic08

Now, signed with renowned agency "Wilhelmina", Gray is taking the world of modeling on his hands. He's bagged campaigns for "Miller Lite", "Sony", "Ccdoubleoo Asia" and had also nailed many magazine covers such as "Premiere", "Image Homme", and "Future City".


For fun, Gray enjoys surfing, football, bowling, drinking and partying with friends.



Tuesday 10 November 2009

Carlos Freire

Carlos Freire is with Major (NY), Urban (Milan), Vision (LA), 40Graus Model-mother agency (Brazil).
When did you start modeling?
CARLOS FREIRE : Close to finishing my university, I started to do some modeling jobs in my town and northeast Brazil; then when I finished my studies I went to live in Rio de Janeiro and really began to focus on the modeling career.
Did you want to do it right away, or did you take some time to think about it?
CARLOS FREIRE : Yes, I took some time to think about it... I was almost finished with my studies, and was already working, but sometimes I was thinking it was so boring to me, because in the area of computer stuff you spend all of your your time in a room in front of a computer, then I thought I'd try something different.

Tell us more about Brazil and what you like the most about living there.
CARLOS FREIRE : Brazil is amazing, it's a big country, 26 states, each one with its culture, its customs. One of the most beautiful places is the coast area, with many amazing and different beaches. The thing that I like the most most about living there are the beaches, the city that I was born in and that I was living in until I started modeling, called João Pessoa, in the northeast, it's a coastal city. To me it's like a lost paradise, the population is not too big, there are a lot of natural places, also my family and many friends live there.
Does your family support your modeling career?
CARLOS FREIRE : My family is cool, they support me in what I decide to do, they trust me, I am very grateful for that. The only problem is the distance, sometimes I miss them.
Do you have any brothers and sisters?
CARLOS FREIRE : I have one beautiful sister, older than me,her name is Luanna, she's 28. But she's not a model, she is a doctor.

Brazilians often have an exotic look. What is your ethnic origin?

CARLOS FREIRE : In fact I don't really know, my surname (Theorga) came from Portugal, but my parents are Brazilians, my grandparents also... the Brazilian people are very mixed, it is usually hard to know your exact ethnic origin.
What's the biggest job you've done so far?
CARLOS FREIRE : I did Roberto Cavalli Menswear S/S 09. And I just shot Armani Exchange Fall 09 here in NY, both campaigns.

What kind of jobs would you like to do in the future?

CARLOS FREIRE: There are many kinds of jobs that I'd like to do in the future, a lot of big brands also. I'd like do jeans and I would like to do fragrance one day, never did before.
What is your favorite market? Is it NY, Milan or Brazil?

CARLOS FREIRE : I don't have a favorite market yet, all the countries that I've already been to were good and also I haven't been to Europe yet, maybe I will go this year. A lot of places that I want to visit in future, I just started my journey.
What do you think is special about Brazilian models?

CARLOS FREIRE : First because the mixture of races, we have great variety of looks, and second - Brazilian models are usually positive persons, good energy... always happy. I think that contributes to the success.

You have an amazing body and you're in great shape! Do you feel relaxed posing in underwear and swimwear?

CARLOS FREIRE : Yes, I am relaxed, it's normal, when you work with good professionals it is easy and fast, it's the same to any other job.

How do you prepare for these photoshoots?

CARLOS FREIRE: To be prepared I just take care of my body a bit more a couple of days before the shoot.

Tell us something about your workout routine. How often do you lift weights?

CARLOS FREIRE: My routine is very simple, I work out every day an hour at the gym with weights, but also I'm frequently doing different sports.

Do you have to maintain definition all year long, or do you have a period when you just work on your muscle mass?

CARLOS FREIRE : No, I don't have different periods. When I was younger, I was an active child, always doing some sport, I did swimming, judo, soccer and living in the beach, so I always had an athletic body, but skinny. Then when I was 15 I started working out to get more muscle mass. So, until now I tried to keep my body always like that, strong and athletic. So it's good for everything, my job, health and to do any sport.
Do you also do a lot of cardio? Do you jog, ride the bike, do you have a special cardio routine?CARLOS FREIRE : No, but I love to ride the bike and run. Here in New York I already went to several different places by bike, all bridges and parks, it's really nice.

How do you spend your summers?

CARLOS FREIRE : Yes, I try spending my summers in my city João Pessoa, with family and friends. My family is huge and we have a summer house in a paradise beach that everybody goes to, uncles, cousins... All the time on the beach I'm diving, playing soccer, boarding.... I always had a lot of fun over there.

What is your favorite beach in Brazil?

CARLOS FREIRE : Many, like I said, the Brazilian coast is amazing. But I love one, I have a lot of history there, called PIPA, 2 hours by car from my city.

Are you worried about slums? and are things improving concerning them?

CARLOS FREIRE : Maybe my city doesn't have many slums, but Rio has a lot and the things are still bad... we have a lot of political corruption in Brazil as well, and with that it is difficult to fix things.

What is your favorite place to go out in Brazil?

CARLOS FREIRE : Many different places. But I am not a great fan of clubs, I prefer to go to some music concert (we have really nice bands and different style of music in Brazil - Reggae, Rock). Hanging out with friends at the beach, go to some trip...

What do you most admire in Brazilian people?

CARLOS FREIRE : The energy.

Your Favorite place to eat?

CARLOS FREIRE : Home! I can cook, so I love my own food, I'm a very creative cook, I'm always preparing exotic plates.

What would you say, what is the best Brazilian meal that we all have to try once we are in Brazil?

CARLOS FREIRE : Brazilian Barbecue

Wednesday 21 October 2009

International Jock Halloween Giveaway

International Jock’s biggest, most exciting and most popular event of the year is happening NOW. They're giving away men's underwear, International Jock ‘s mens swimwear, jockstraps, t-shirts, wrestling singlets, mens boxers and more with every order placed from now until Halloween.


It's International Jock's way of thanking their customers and celebrating one of the world's most popular holidays.  Throughout the year, IJ hangs on to one-of-a-kind manufacturer's samples, overstocked items, discontinued items, items received for
photo shoots and more and then gives them away with every order placed duing the Halloween season.Just place an order of any size for any items and International Jock will include a
Halloween Trick or Treat item with your order ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Thursday 8 October 2009

Ray Travis-Baker

Ray was discovered by On Display Men’s very own Alan Rust while he was working out at his local gym. He has only just and is “looking to model for something interesting.” Looking to his future in the industry, he would like to model for “any fitness company or major clothing brand.” When it comes to his own personal style, it’s got to be “a comfortable pair of jeans and a nice shirt.”


Ray stays in shape by “constantly working out and staying active.” He is also an avid athlete, “I have been part of many sports, football, track etc.” As well as being a huge sports fan, “I’ll watch big games in just about anything.”


First impressions of Ray are “that I am courteous and really am about respect toward me.” And to his friends he is “friendly and outgoing.” When it comes to making him laugh, “I have a very lively personality and it doesn’t take a lot to make me laugh.”


You can see the full interview at On Display Men



Friday 25 September 2009

Luke Gulden

Currently signed to Elite Model Management Miami, a popular fitness model features in many magazine, and rightly so.

luke guldan


Luke Guldan1

luke guldan by rick day  luke-guldan-


Sunday 6 September 2009

Eric Bivoino

Eric Bivoino, born in 1984, in Seattle, Washington, is an American model.

eric bivoino

Bivoino graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in community health and health education and as of 2009, currently living in Los Angeles.

eric bivoino1

Bivoino's first modeling job came from working at Abercrombie and Fitch. As suggested by his managers at the store, he sent some of his pictures into their home office to try to get into the catalog. As shocked as he was, 6 months later, he was shooting for Abercrombie in the Florida Keys.

eric bivoino2

From there, Nous Model Management signed him up. He has since appeared on the number of magazines and editorials as well as gracing the cover of "Tetu" and "Numero Homme" .

eric bivoino3

When asked to describe himself, "I'd say RAD pretty much sums it up! If you didn't know RAD is an acronym for Random Acts of Dancing! So I'd say that I am a very active person and I like to be spontaneous." During his spare time, he loves biking, surfing and climbing.

eric bivoino4

Tuesday 1 September 2009

Dan Flood

Originally from Chicago, Dan is now a resident of Fort Worth Texas, who began modeling when he was asked to model for a clothing store. Since then he has done sunglass ads, clothing ads, live mannequin, fashion shows, fitness modeling, and advertisements for Crimson in the City, Fuse, Jet Lag Jeans,, The Voice, D magazine as well as in many biker ad magazines, all in Dallas.


He dreams one day of working with Prada and Versace. “I’m Italian so modeling for my family’s country would be amazing.” He believes that to become successful in the modeling industry you must “keep yourself current and fresh. Stay open to new ideas, always stay focused.” When it comes to rejection as a model, “every door closed is another one open. Never give up, keep researching and network.”


He loves to model because “I love working with different photographers and seeing the end results. I love getting proofs and seeing my shots in action.”He believes that what sets him apart in the industry is his work ethic. “I enjoy working when there is a certain shot we need to get. I am very much disciplined and always striving to be better.”


Dan’s advice for up and coming models is to “volunteer for all types of work, within reason, and always try to learn from other people in the industry. You are never too old to learn.”

You can see the full interview and more pics at On Display Men

Monday 31 August 2009

Hero Launch Issue

HERO is a London based magazine that debuts the Next Big Thing: the models that will define catwalks and campaigns for seasons to come. Working with some of the industry’s newest and most talented photographers, and with a host of the world’s biggest and best modelling agencies, they have compiled a world-class intimate and iconic introduction to beginnings of something amazing: the Faces of Tomorrow.


The launch issue features 25 models in spontaneous, optimistic shoots, and a whole host of exclusive interviews.


The Launch Issue, Featuring:  Ryan Koning from Major Models MYC, Livio and Max for Q in NYC, Jake and Same from Select in London, Anthony from D1 in London, Remy from Models 1 in London, Nicolas from Cento in Berlin, Jase, Wesley, Ollie, Ricky and Rory from M&P London, Luuc from Republic in Amsterdam, Robbie from VNY in NYC, Alex from Storn in London, Jarek and Mochael B Fox from I Love Modeles Model Management in Milan, Harry from NEVS in London, Patrick and Patryk from Nine and Daughters and a Stereo in Cologne, Roy from RE:Quest in NYC, Luiz from Beatrice in Milan and River from Maroe/Stars in Madrid.




Sunday 30 August 2009

Alan Valdez

Alan is originally from Mexico but now lives in Miami, FL. He owes the beginning of his modeling career in part to his sister. “I went to a casting with my sister so she wasn’t there by herself, but we were both selected. I started to model after that.” His career as a model has included ads for “Vista Video,,, Model Universe and Model America contests.”


To Alan success as a model is gained through “discipline, determination and being smart.” When it comes to rejection in the industry, “I think there’s someone made for each assignment, and we just can’t be perfect for everything.” He is excited to be a part of On Display Men because “it’s a great way to be exposed to the media and fans.”


Alan has ambitions of “being a successful model and actor, going to college and having a family.” To achieve these goals he is driven by “my desire to succeed.” The person he looks up to the most is “Greg Plitt”


When it comes to sports “ I like to play and watch basketball.” Besides basketball, Alan stays in shape by “eating healthy and training right.”


First impressions of Alan are usually that “I am a good guy, down to earth and very mature for my age.” However his friends know that he is “passionate, dedicated, disciplined, fun, athletic and funny.” When Alan’s with his friends, he enjoys “dancing at the club or hanging out at the beach.” But when he’s on his own, he spends his time “going to the movies, shopping, playing playstation, hanging out on the beach and dancing.” His dream vacation would be to “Europe.”


You can see more of Alan Vadez at On Display Men

Friday 28 August 2009

International Jock Presents Model Brett Novek for Diesel Underwear

International Jock presents Brett Novek as the newest addition to their lineup of outstanding male models. At the August 25th International Jock photo shoot, Brett wore Diesel underwear and Diesel swimwear from the new Fall 2009 collection.


Diesel’s new underwear styles feature bold graphic prints, humorous and sexy slogans, striped patterns, plaids and much more. Don’t miss all of these new designs as worn by sexy mens underwear model Brett.


25-year old Brett, originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, lives in Los Angeles and is perhaps best known as a contestant on VH1’s reality show “America’s Most Smartest Model.” He has also appeared on the packaging and in live appearances for underwear manufacturer Papi and has done television commercials for Taco Bell and Colgate amongst others.


Brett has appeared in Ashlee Simpson's "Outta My Head" video and has done modeling work for Armani Exchange, Emporio Armani, Cosmo Girl and much more.