Tuesday 29 April 2008

Modelling Agencies and Scams

Male Model Universe has not covered scams before, over the next few weeks as well as focusing on models we shall be providing you with useful tips and information.


Before you join an agency, do your homework. A glossy website alone does not mean that the agency is trustworthy. Don't become a victim.

Never pay money to a model agency. Do not join an agency if you are expected to pay a fee (e.g. for joining, membership or to have a portfolio produced). Reputable agencies never charge their models any fees. They make their money from finding paid work for you and taking a commission.

Always research the agency on the Internet (do a search for their name) to see what other people say about them. Concentrate on notice boards and similar sites that provide a discussion platform for models. Your research should be thorough and comprehensive.

Legitimate model agencies have offices that you can visit, and printed stationery.

Legitimate model agencies employ staff who you can talk to on the telephone. Don't just fill in a form on a website to sign up. Pick up the phone and speak to a human.

Reputable model agencies would not dream of signing you up on the strength of a photo and some details submitted over the Internet. They will want to meet you in person.

Do not be taken in if an agency contacts you because they have seen your picture somewhere on the Internet. Agencies do that (even good ones), so it's possible, but be extra careful in your research. Be also wary of spotters or scouts.

All American Guys

I have always thought that the guys on All American Guys have something!  They are everyday hot amateur models.


It's a bit hard to give you stats on each guy as there is a few guys I am showing you today.


They feature new guys constantly, just like any top modelling agency they choose the best, but because they feature amateurs their best is often better than many other sites.


Here is a video of some of their guys

You can see more from All American Guys here.

Monday 28 April 2008

Carlos Freire

Carlos Freire (real name: Carlinhos Freire), one of Brazil's freshest new modeling faces, recently arrived in Los Angeles after a year-long modeling stint in Asia and spent an afternoon being photographed for web retailer International Jock. Carlos was shot wearing styles from the new Summer collections by LA Sporting Club, Brazil’s famed swimwear designer Tulio and Canadian swimwear manufacturer JM. The results from this exceptional photo shoot can be seen at www.internationaljock.com


Carlos joins the impressive list of hot Brazilian exports making an international name for themselves in the highly competitive world of male modeling. He is perhaps most well-known for his appearance last year on the cover of Style:Men magazine, but his stunning images have also appeared in Vanity Fair, Out, Quem and Drops magazines and on blogs and photo websites the world over. Born in 1985, Carlos Freire is amazingly good looking, with a flawless body that makes him ideally suited as an underwear and swimwear model. When not modeling or studying computer sciences in college in Brazil, Carlos enjoys riding his motorcycle, working out, watching movies and swimming at the beach.


Carlos Freire is represented by Vision Models in Los Angeles: www.visionmodelmanagement.com   International Jock ( www.internationaljock.com ) is the Internet’s most popular men’s underwear website, know for its huge selection of underwear and swimwear, its beautiful models and its unsurpassed customer service.


Thursday 24 April 2008

Edward Stephens

Edward Stephens in a 21 year old student from London.   He has a great look and definitely has lots of potential to grow in the modelling world.

estephens01 estephens02

He says about himself "I am keen on many pursuits in my life to make myself a broad and well rounded individual; hence showing an interest in investment banking as a career future, I know the importance of more to life. Modeling and acting are among my passions. My photographic modeling experience carries little sway with photographers who have their own visions, but I am friendly, dependable and enjoy the process of making great Photos."


Edward has Black hair, something you don't often see in modelling that often, but you have to admit Edward has a fresh look about him, nice to see something different but hot.

estephens03   estephens09

Edward has recently done a photo shoot with Zach Burns , a photographer that I think has done some great shots of Edward, especially how he has caught that killer look.


You can see more of Zach Burn's work on his website, http://zburnsphotography.blogspot.com/ there is also more pictures of Edward Stephens on the website.  

Wednesday 23 April 2008

Playgirl Guys : Sammie

Everyone has heard of Playboy or Playgirl after all its a brand that is amazing.  Sammie is the latest Playgirl centrefold on Playgirl.com.


Not really going to go into much details about Playgirl because well its more of an adult site than it is a modelling site, however it does make models that we have never seen really popular and well known.


Sunday 20 April 2008

Mathis Streitwieser

An Greek-Israeli model, he's 6'2" and currently signed to Promod, Ace Models Greece, Future models milan and Premier Models London.

mathisstreitwieser1 mathisstreitwieser5

Waist 34    Men Shoe 11.5     Hair Red/Brown   Eyes Blue


A well published model he has appeared in many print magazines and also a large number of top fashion shows.

mathisstreitwieser3 mathisstreitwieser4

Saturday 19 April 2008

Model Of The Week : Jason Nielson

As always On Display Men feature some great looking models and Jason Nielson is no exception.  Currently their top rated model this week.

jason4 jason3

Jason is a talented new model with quick wit and a self-deprecating sense of humor. Don’t let his modesty fool you, though; he has the look and perseverance to take him to the top. Jason’s dreams don’t end with modeling. Someday he hopes to become a police officer. “Honestly,” he states, “I just want to be happy and make everyone around me happy.” In his spare time, Jason spends time with friends golfing and playing other sports.


You can read more about his interview and view more pictures together with a video on the site.


Images by Kristopher Kelly Photography

Tuesday 15 April 2008

Rafael Verga

Rafael Maximiliano Verga (born July 27, 1981) is a Brazilian model. He was born in Florianópolis, the capital of Santa Catarina state. His modeling career has taken off with campaigns such as 2(x)ist and Sean John. In 2005, Verga was named Brazilian male model of the year. He also finished #2 in the world in the 'most beautiful man' contest of the same year, behind American actor Chris Evans.

rafael 8

Rafael has done work for Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Sean John, Fruit of the Loom, Calvin Klein and 2(x)ist.

54272_9zCOPKE_122_578lo raphael

His younger brother Alexandre is also a famous model (he worked for Abercrombie & Fitch and Guess, among others).

Sunday 13 April 2008

Chad White

Chad White, was born in 1985 Portland/Oregon, he is an American supermodel.

White is on the runways in fashion capital cities in the world. His work for L'Uomo Voque and Dsquared2 is one of his most important stints as a model, photographed by world-renown photographer Steven Klein.

On the runways, he is one of the favorites of Versace, D&G and Dsquared2, and among others.In person, it is not only the face, with its perfect masculine jawline, or the body (made by years of playing many kind of sports) that makes an impression. It is White's personality.White is known to his colleagues and friends to have unswervingly patient, tireless in his work, kind, fun to be with and capable of enduring any amount of hardship without complaint. He speaks little but is extremely intelligent.

Ryan Wood

23 year-old Ryan Wood is a fashion and fitness model. He's 6'1" tall and weighs 190 lbs with gorgeous blue eyes and beautiful brown hair.

Ryan has an equally handsome twin brother named Justin. They are known the Wood Twins.

I don't think he still models, but I could be wrong.

Wednesday 9 April 2008

Edilson Nascimento

Edilson Nascimento, Brazil's newest male supermodel, recently flew from Brazil to web retailer International Jock’s Hollywood,  CA studios for an afternoon photo session. Edilson was shot wearing underwear and swimwear from the new Spring collections of Diesel, Calvin Klein and Italian luxury brand GrigioPerla. The complete results from this extraordinary photo shoot can be seen at www.internationaljock.com


Edilson is the overnight modeling sensation whose sexually-charged images have appeared on countless websites and blogs across the globe over the past few weeks. An avid student of Judo in his hometown of João Pessoa, Brazil (where he earned Judo’s coveted black belt), he was discovered by a talent scout at a local martial arts competition. Stunningly good looking, with an engaging, friendly personality and a flair for modeling that is rare and uniquely his own, Edilson is the hottest young male model to appear in years and is destined for greatness in the world of fashion.


Edilson’s Stats:   Brown Hair / Brown Eyes     Height: 6’     Weight: 160 lbs.     Waist: 31 inches     Inseam: 32 inches     Suit: 40 Regular    Shoes: Size 10


Edilson is represented by Vision Models in Los Angeles: www.visionmodelmanagement.com      International Jock ( www.internationaljock.com ) is the Internet’s most popular men’s underwear website, know for its huge selection of underwear and swimwear, its beautiful models and its unsurpassed customer service.

Saturday 5 April 2008

On Display Men Model Of The Week "Nick"

Nick is originally from Houston but and moved to Dallas to pursue his modeling and fitness career.  He has trained for a fitness competition.  He is very proud to be a 100% natural fitness competitor.  “I have never, and will never, consider taking the easy way out:  steroids.  Being natural instills a sense of pride and accomplishment.  The results don’t come as quick; but they last and are high quality.  I know that with consistent hard work anyone can achieve their healthy ideal physique that will last their lifetime.”  He works out hard and is strict about his nutrition. 


Nick is very dedicated to everything he does.  He knows what he wants and works persistently to achieve it.  Nick is definitely a Taurus.  His birthday is April 23.  He has a strong sense of relationship and cares about everyone in his life.  He is very patient and faithful.  He likes nice things and works hard to get them.

nick3 nick2

Nick is not only a serious fitness competitor, successful model and a great person:  he helped launch On Display Men back in 2007.     “On Display Men is an exciting new concept that will redefine the male modeling industry.  We are unique because our men are available for events, easy to relate to and they all have a different look.”


Nick is now back in Houston working in real estate and modeling.  You can watch his modeling video on his page at On Display Men together with lots more images.