Thursday 24 April 2008

Edward Stephens

Edward Stephens in a 21 year old student from London.   He has a great look and definitely has lots of potential to grow in the modelling world.

estephens01 estephens02

He says about himself "I am keen on many pursuits in my life to make myself a broad and well rounded individual; hence showing an interest in investment banking as a career future, I know the importance of more to life. Modeling and acting are among my passions. My photographic modeling experience carries little sway with photographers who have their own visions, but I am friendly, dependable and enjoy the process of making great Photos."


Edward has Black hair, something you don't often see in modelling that often, but you have to admit Edward has a fresh look about him, nice to see something different but hot.

estephens03   estephens09

Edward has recently done a photo shoot with Zach Burns , a photographer that I think has done some great shots of Edward, especially how he has caught that killer look.


You can see more of Zach Burn's work on his website, there is also more pictures of Edward Stephens on the website.  

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