Thursday 31 January 2008

Stephan Hoffman

Nous Model Management has yet another star! 19 year old Stephan Hoffman struts his stuff for Nick Clements in  an issue of L’Official Hommes.


He is 6"2.5', Green eyes and light brown hair.


Still a rather new model, he is bound to be seen about more and more.  Sometimes it takes the hot models a while to get established, but then again with so many about its understandable.


Tuesday 8 January 2008

Chad Castellanos

Chad Castellanos. A half Cuban new model from Minnesota.He is 22 , 5'9" , 145 lbs with 9,5 size shoe.

He got into modelling in his own words : "I broke up with my ex girlfriend and was really depressed. I was lonely, so I put my picture on some picture rating site to try to ease my pain and get a little attention. I was then approached by a small business in Minneapolis to model for them. I was very skeptical, but I figured I didn’t have anything to lose."

He thinks his eyes and abs are his best physical features, and who are we to disagree.

Monday 7 January 2008

Travis Bryant

Another hot model from B1, 6.2"  tall 31" waist.  Hazel Eyes.

As with all models unless they have done some major assignments there is not really much information about them.  So its just a matter of having pictures instead.

Sunday 6 January 2008

Zachary Chitwood

Zachary Chitwood grew up in the Midwest and stated playing sports at age 5. Athletics was his passion and he ran 3A state track and got a basketball scholarship to Lindenwood University.

He attended college at Southwest Missouri State where he took classes in drama, theater and business. During college he became certified  in personal training and performance nutrition. Soon after Zachary moved to L.A. to further his career in entertainment.

Zach has been in LA for three years and has already received notoriety and legit acting and modeling exposure. He recently shot ads for Asics Footwear, Merrel Shoes and Triathlete Magazine. He has appeared in music videos for Britney Spears, Missy Elliot, J.C. Chasez and Eminem/D12. Zach was featured as Eminem's stand-in body double for the hit video "My Band."

He has also been featured on Bravo's "Queer Eye for the Straight Girl" as a hunky helper. Zachary was featured on Las Vegas and the O.C. He has appeared in five short films and shot infomercials with Bruce Jenner and Christopher Knight as a featured specialist in nutrition and training.

Saturday 5 January 2008


Thomas is a male model from the Czech Republic, not much else to say about him, as hes not a well known model.  He is muscular and has a nice look about him.

I think the biggest problem with some models, is they don't give enough information about themselves, which could mean they get less assignments, because people like to see information rather than having to ask for it.

He is 24 and lives in Prague, which I have already said is in the Czech Republic.

They much have lots of hot people in the Czech Republic, either that or more Czech people go into modelling.

Friday 4 January 2008

Shay E

He's originally from liverpool. He says "Im traveling around to meet people from different backgrounds/countries, so I have a bigger view on life. I have a decent fashion sense(i hope), and i enjoy being social. I aim to keep travelling around the world, and modeling give's me this opportunity. modeling fits in with my personality very well as i like to keep my self tip top, (haha) and to flow through the day keeping to much routine out of my life."


Height 185cm / 6ft 1in    Hair Colour :  Brown  Eye Colour : Blue


His is currently signed to Boss Model Management in the UK as well as modelling agencies in Australia.

265331_406162 mm140_24d_ss

His portfolio is impressive, he has done a few campaigns, including ones for TV and a newspaper campaign.


Wednesday 2 January 2008

Joshua Maliszewski

He is 24 and from Denver, Colorado, USA.  A rather new model on the scene, he is definitely going places.


Having started his modeling career only 6 months ago after being discovered on MySpace  Josh has already modeled for Playgirl Magazine and participated in runway shows.


"I have set my goal to get some fame as a model but my ultimate goal is to be an actor," he says, but "it is also important to have fun in everything I do."


Coming from a family where he has nine brothers and sisters, Josh says they have been the greatest positive influence in his life. "We are very close," adding that he has recently become an uncle twice! "I now have a niece and nephew."


Tuesday 1 January 2008

Anton Antipov

Anton Antipov was born on May 6th, 1983 in Bobruisk, Belarus. At the age of 13, he moved with his family to New York.

anton antipov

While attending college and working at A|X, he was approached with several modelling offers. After submitting his photographs to several agencies, he signed with BOSS models.

anton antipov1

Anton has done runway work, and has appeared in a published ad campaign for the Italian jewelery company, Pomellato. He also starred in a coffee table book by famed photographer Kal Yee, and has been featured on the websites Allamericanguys and Sixpacknow.


His Top Five Ab Training Tips:

Stick to one exercise routine for about a month or so, and then switch it up.
Keep proper form while performing exercises.
Set a goal (a bodybuilder or somebody with a good physique you look up to, and imagine yourself having their body) / keep a journal in which you can track your progress.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your diet in check.
Engage in physical activities as often as possible and keep burning those calories off with cardio.


Colton Holmes

He is 18 and from Owensboro, Kentucky, USA. He likes hanging out with friends, having a good time.

He has been told that he should be a model so has decided to give it a go, he has a great look so should do well.

Height  5' 10" | 178cm       Weight 140lbs | 64kg

Waist   30in | 76cm        Shoe  10.5    Inseam  30in | 76cm

Collar  14.5in | 37cm    Hair Brown     Eyes  Blue