Saturday 28 February 2009

Jeremy Dufour

French Models don’t seem to be in the limelight much, not because there are no great french models, they just tend to do ad campaigns in france.

jeremy dufour jeremy dufour2

Agency: success models,  Height: 6 ' 1 1/2,   Size: 84 - 33
Inseam: 50 – 40,    Shoes: 12 1/2,    Hair: Blonde,   Eyes: Blue

jeremy dufour1

jeremy dufour5

jeremy dufour4

Monday 23 February 2009

Taylor Fuchs Video

Here’s a videos of Taylor Fuchs who we have featured previously.

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Marcus Hedbrandh

Born: 23 October 1985,   Place of Origin: Sweden,   Height: 183cm (6'0),   Natural Hair Colour: Blonde,    Eye Colour: Blue

MarcusHedbrand_Success-1 MarcusHedbrand_Success-2
Bust 93cm (36 inches),  Waist 76cm (29 inches),   Shoe size: 43 (9)

MarcusHedbrand_Success-4 MarcusHedbrand_Success-5


Saturday 14 February 2009

Eugen Bauder

Eugen Bauder was born in 1986 in Alma Ata, the capital of Kazakhstan with german heritage, for those who have never heard of it. He grew up in a city close to Basel and attended school there.

Eugen Bauder Eugen Bauder1

He currently resides in Los Angeles to work and collect some new exciting experiences.

Eugen Bauder3

Eugen Bauder4

Eugen Bauder5

Friday 13 February 2009

International Jock

International JockInternational Jock have over the years featured some amazing models, here is a nice selection of some of them, we have of course featured many of them on Male Model Universe in the past.



cup12 cup13

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Oscar Peppitt

Size 40L,   Height 6'1 / 185,   Hair Brown,  Eyes Brown,  Shoe 11,  Chest 38 / 97,  Waist 32 / 81,   Collar 15.5 / 39

Oscar_Peppitt_06 Oscar_Peppitt_08

Currently signed to Chadwick Models

Oscar_Peppitt_09 Oscar_Peppitt_10

Tuesday 10 February 2009

Maxwell Zagorski

Maxwell Zagorski was born in New Port Richey and came to Sarasota when he was 12. Three years later his family moved to East Manatee, where he attended Lakewood Ranch High and played on the basketball team.

Maxwell for levi's  Maxwell Zagorski 2

He did some small-time modeling work for a local department store, when he met this photographer from Miami, who took his photos and sent them to the international fashion player Abercrombie & Fitch. It took them exactly one week to catch Maxwell, fly him to Hawaii and launch him as the company’s new face.

Maxwell Zagorski 1

His new life is filled with agents, businessmen, managers. At times, he acts like one of the grown-ups.

Maxwell Zagorski 3

As with most Abercrombie models they remain popular for a long time even after an A&F shoot is well in the past.

Monday 9 February 2009

Brad Pinkert

Brad Pinkert, born February 16, 1981 in Buffalo, New York, is an American model.

Brad Pinkert (1)

Pinkert is known for appearing in the episode of Tyra Bank's "America's Next Top Model" in 2003.

Brad Pinkert 3 brad pinkert

Pinkert has been featured on the pages of many teen magazines including Teen Vogue, Teen People, Cosmo Girl, and has appeared in a number of clothing ad campaigns, with clients like Calvin Klein, Buffalo, and Kenneth Cole to name a few.

brad pinkert1

Pinkert , a devote Christian, says his favorite book is The Bible. His number-one hobby is watching movies. His favorites include Boogie Nights and Braveheart.

Sunday 8 February 2009

Michael Blasingame

Michael Blasingame is just starting out in the modeling industry, but this native Texan knows what he wants and what it takes to succeed. He first felt the call to model while admiring pictures in magazines and malls. From there, it was an easy choice to make the leap into the modeling world himself.


Part of Michael’s appeal as a model is that he keeps himself active. In fact, “active” is the key word he lists in relating how his friends would describe him. “I enjoy skating and recreational sports,” he explains. “I’ll play anything with a ball, and I also like to watch college football.” Michael also includes rock climbing in his list of hobbies which definitely helps keep him toned.


Despite being a novice model, Michael is aware of the effort and determination required to succeed. “Eating right is the most important thing, along with working out. I use rejection as motivation, and if it’s something that I can’t help then I just put it behind me and move on. Self-satisfaction is what drives me to achieve my goals.”


Photos Adam Medders Photography, Interview Angie Workman.  You can read the whole interview at On Display Men

Jesus Luz

Currently in the news because of his ‘supposed’ relationship with Madonna.

jesus luz1

Madonna who is 50, and Jesus who is 22, supposedly first met during a photo shoot for W Magazine in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She asked him to join her on the South American leg of her Sticky & Sweet concert tour

jesus luz

Saturday 7 February 2009

Jason Beam

Jason was born in the US of A, but lives in Sydney is busy spreading the practice of Shaolin Kung Fu to anyone willing to learn.jason beam06 jason-beam-01

He has modelled for underwear brand, Teamm8



Friday 6 February 2009

Taylor Fuchs

Height: 6' 2,   Inseam: 34,  Waist: 32,   Shirt: 15,  Suit: 40T
Shoe: 12,   Hair: Light Brown,   Eyes: Blue,  Born: 1988,  Place of Origin: Canada

taylor fuchs

You have just began modeling and already shot an editorial for 10 magazine, how does it feel to have an immediate reaction from the industry?
*Well it is very unexpected and flattering. Hopefully it is a sign for things to come.

taylor fuchs1
Where do your looks come from? what nationalities are your parents?
*My looks are a definite mixture from both parents. I am not usually told that I just look my mother or just like my father. My father is German and my mother is half German and half English.

taylor fuchs2
How were you discovered as a model?
*I was just out with some friends having fun and was approached about modeling. I called the number from the card that I was given and the rest is history.

taylor fuchs3
You are yet another great editorial model from Canada, is Canada going to take over the world?
*I sure many Canadians, including as myself, hope that the progression continues.

taylor fuchs4
If you could do any show this summer mens show season, which one would you love to do?
*Well there are so many shows I would love to do. But if I had to pick one, it would probably be the Prada show. The clothes are great and I think that it would be a fantastic experience

Wednesday 4 February 2009

Moumen in Nescafe Advert

Yesterday we posted about Moumen El Maghraouy, today we have a video of him in an advert, thanks to Sam

Tuesday 3 February 2009

Moumen El Maghraouy

The new Manhunt International 2008 winner Abdelmoumen El Maghraouy hails from Morocco from the North West Coast of Africa. You can call him Moumen for short. He is 26 year old, a Libra and stands at 1.90m. Moumen is the second African Manhunt International winner and the first Arab winner in the contest’s history.

Moumen El Maghraouy Moumen El Maghraouy1

Born in Tangier, Morocco in North Africa, Moumen studied sports science, gymnastics and computers. At 25 years of age, he has been modelling for only two years, after he was scouted in Gibraltar by Mount Productions ( ) “Kingdom of Heaven”.

Moumen El Maghraouy4

He is the son of a residential home manager who manages the Cheshire Home in Tangier and has a younger sister. He enjoys summer sports and is a great fan of the beach spending as much time as he can there. He also loves playing the guitar and singing. He speaks fluent Arabic, French, Spanish and English.

Moumen El Maghraouy3 Moumen El Maghraouy5

Moumen has modelled underwear for Jolidon and Pull-in and other big fashion names. He has also taken part as an action extra in many films to include “Kingdom of Heaven”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Body of Lies”, and worked alongside Leonardo Di Caprio, Angelina Jolie, Oliver Stone and Orlando Bloom.

Moumen El Maghraouy6 Moumen El Maghraouy7

Moumen also took second place at International Best Male Model World the year before winning the Manhunt title and he has recently spent a couple of months working in China.

Moumen El Maghraouy8 Moumen El Maghraouy9