Wednesday 23 July 2008

Dayton Schlosser

Dayton Schlosser born in 1976 is the hottie model of A&F. The American model and tae-kwon-do athlete, perhaps one of the most beautiful in Abercrombie and Fitch history - young, sexy and muscled.

dayton schlosser

Most models make their entrance onto the fashion scene via a talent search or a casting office, or by being pulled aside in an airport lounge or off a city sidewalk- by agents who swear profusely that they aren't sniffing on them. Circumstances suggest the sexy rather than the cerebral.

dayton schlosser1

But when Dayton Schlosser, who is one of fashion Guys for the autumn 2001, made his entrance onto the figurative catwalk, the setting was in fact intellectual, or at least bookish. He was exiting an ivied building at the Governor Durnmer Academy in the prepschool-rich comer of Massachusetts north of Boston. It was July of 2000. Dayton had just graduated from Salem State College and was teaching summer school before assuming a full-time position in the English department at Whittier Regional Technical High School in nearby Haverhill.

dayton schlosser2dayton schlosser3

"I was walking outside with some students," Dayton says. "It was drizzling. All of a sudden, this guy comes up to me and starts asking about modeling."

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