Friday 4 July 2008

Caleb Lane

Caleb Lane, born in Dallas, Texas, is an American model. He is probably best known for appearing in numerous sexy Dolce & Gabbanna ad campaigns.

caleb lane
Six-foot-one Lane is an internationally recognized model appearing in major ad campaigns, with clients like Calvin Klein, Armani, Kenneth Cole, Carloina Herrera (Fragrance), Levis, and Valentino lining up to book him. With the D Squared and Dolce & Gabbanna ads, he's grown into an urbane sophisticate that attracts a whole new coterie of the fashion industry's finest.

caleb lane2 caleb lane3

This blue-eyed hunk isn’t just another pretty face. Aside from modeling, he is also the successful author of the best-selling book "Model’s Bible" which shares his years of experience along with industry know-how for people interested in a modeling career.

caleb lane1

During his spare time, he loves to bike, go to the gym, swim, and write, which is his number-one hobby.

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