Tuesday 15 February 2011

Isaac Weber

Isaac Weber, born in 1992, in Westminster, Colorado, USA, is an American model.

Isaac WeberIsaac Weber1

Discovered in 2010, Weber has built up quite the portfolio in just a short time. His handsome all-American look has been featured in "W", "VMAN", "Numéro Homme", "Out and Electric Youth"! He graced the cover of Hero Magazine #3 with a featured spread. This was the beginning of the making of a star.

Isaac Weber4

The 6’1″, blue-eyed stunner made his runway debut at "Calvin Klein" for spring 2011. It was not long before he made his campaign debut in "H&M", "Ralph Lauren", "The Big Pony Collection Fragrance", photographed by Bruce Weber.

Isaac Weber2Isaac Weber3

Weber has a twin brother named Joshua who is an aspiring actor. They both appeared in Twilight movies "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn", where they played a short minor role. He was seen in the graduation where he and his brother watch their sister get her award. He was also seen with his family at Bella and Edward's wedding in "Breaking Dawn".

Isaac Weber6Isaac Weber7

Isaac Weber5

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