Monday 17 November 2008

Alex Lago

Alex Lago always knew he wanted to be a model or an actor, but he was once afflicted with a painful shyness. I would wager, however, that Alex’s shyness is now ancient history since he’s more than willing to share any aspect of his life.


“When I was in grade school, I would always mess around and pose and act out action scenes at recess. Then I found out that what I was doing was modeling. My girlfriend’s hairdresser had just started taking pictures of models, so I did a session with him and posted the pictures on Model Mayhem. Everything went from there.”


You can see more of Alex at On Display Men


Interview by Angie Workman Photos by 155 Photography

Antonio Ramos

Antonio is a very complex model whose interests are vast and varied. He began modeling after several friends and family members encouraged him to pursue the field. Although he has only been modeling for a short period of time, Antonio has already participated in a promotional runway show for Articles A-Z Clothing line.


This model and patriotic American takes his fitness seriously. He began working out with a personal trainer at sixteen and joined the United States Navy at the young age of seventeen. Antonio now stays in shape partly by playing rugby for the UNT Eagles. “I work out four days a week focusing on different muscle groups each day. I also practice rugby twice a week for three hours.”


You can see more on Antonio at On Display Men

antonio3 antonio4

Interview by Angie Workman, Photos by Adam Medders Photography

Saturday 15 November 2008

Aaron O'Connell

A model with Major models, as always they have a nice selection, but surprisingly they lack information about Aaron on the site, and I don’t have time for research today!

Aaron o'connell



Wednesday 12 November 2008

Tyson Paige

Tyson Paige, born in 1987, in Los Angeles, California, is an American model.

tyson paige1

This green-eyed, 6-foot-tall, blond hunk had his first assignment for Abercrombie & Fitch in early 2007. Later that year, he was unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight when he was romantically linked to "The Hills" socialite Audrina Patridge.

tyson paige2

In 2008, Paige got his big break when he became the subject of the arresting images of DNA magazine (issue #105) clad only in his underwear, photographed by world renowned lens-man David Vance.

tyson paige3

Paige is the guy that would help you up on your feet. He says, "Im probably the opposite of what you think, I hate drugs, rude people, mean people, money, cheating, liars... I have a huge heart and I like to love."

tyson paige4

His dream is to have a family of his own and living happily ever after. He believes that the best way to learn about somebody is to find out what kind of people that person surrounds themselves with.

Friday 7 November 2008

Random Model : Manuel

His name is Manny and he lives in Orlando, Florida. He’s 19 years old, standing 5'8" and 128 lbs.


He would really love to find an awesome agency that can work with his measurements and talents.


He is also interested in shooting with some attractive models to expand his portfolio.


If you would like to email me with questions or a possible booking, contact me via MySpace at

Thursday 6 November 2008

Evan Wadle

Evan Wadle, born in 1988, in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, is an American model.

evan wadle4

Wadle was first discovered back in early 2006 by Silver Management - a modeling site - who hired him on the spot. Since then, this young six-foot shaven haired hottie has managed to land numerous magazine photoshoots and has been photographed by renowned photographers Troy Phillips, Greg Vaughan, Jade Young and Akimitsu Sadoi.

evan wadle3

One of his first assignments found him being photographed for the debut issue of new French glossy "M Menseul" and modeling his eight-pack in Genre magazine - a New York city-based monthly periodical written for gay men. There are also his hormonally-charged photos in Joe Oppedisano's "Testosterone" and his steamy black and white photos in Greg Vaughan's "BELLOmag".

evan wadle2

Wadle's modeling career continued to rise in 2008, when he won the title of February Mate of the Month in "DNA" magazine and now being the face of B*boy Underwear's latest ad campaign by William Baker.

evan wadle


Wednesday 5 November 2008

Kerry Justin Degman

As always Major Model Management has some great models on it’s books and this is another one of them.

derry degman6

Date of Birth: Oct 4, 1988    Height: 6'0" (183cm)
Discovered: Dropping off his little sister at her modeling agency
Hobbies: Baseball, skate boarding and guitar.

derry degman4 derry degman3

Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes, with excellent model looks.

derry degman2derry degman1

Favorite things: Jordan sneakers. 
Favorite music, band: Keith Urban.
Hobbies: Baseball, skate boarding and guitar.
Favorite foods: Pepperoni pizza dipped in ranch sauce.

derry degman5

Tuesday 4 November 2008

All American Guys!!! Hot or What!!!

I have always had a thing for American Guys, maybe its the accents I don’t know, but I do like them.  I was just looking through some emails and noticed a couple of guys that have appeared on All American Guys.

Here are a few videos for you.

To see more you can actually visit the All American Guys site.

Trey Hoffart

Trey Hoffart is a successful bodybuilder and fitness model. “I’ve only been lifting for five years,” Trey explains, “but I love it.” His love of bodybuilding and lifting has obviously paid off, since he placed in three competitions in 2007. Trey placed 5th in the NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic XI; he placed 3rd in the NPC Branch Warren Bodybuilding Figure and Fitness Extravaganza; Trey secured an impressive 2nd place in the NPC Texas State Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure Championships.


It’s no wonder that Trey has been so successful in both his modeling and fitness endeavors. “I don’t like to mess around when I’m working. I take a photo shoot just as seriously as any other job.”


Trey’s commitment to excellence has catapulted him to success. “I love eating!” Trey exclaims. “I eat a lot of steak, seafood, vegetables and different types of fish.” His hefty appetite, however, is offset by his vigorous Monday through Friday workout schedule which would make even a seasoned athlete flinch.

You can see more of Trey at On Display Men

Interviewed by Angie Workman  Photos Adam Medders Photography


Hot Model : Patrick Schafer

Here are some pictures sent to me of a brazilian model patrick schafer that I will feature more in depth soon.




Monday 3 November 2008

International Jock Model Anthony Nelson for 2(x)ist Underwear

New to the world of male models, 24-year old Anthony Nelson spent his youth in Arizona and Hawaii. Since signing a contract with Vision
Models of Los Angeles less than a month ago, he has already been
photographed for Abercrombie & Fitch and, of course, International
Jock. With his enticing Japanese and Hawaiian ancestry, Anthony's
look is fresh, exotic and unquestionably sexy.

An excellent, well-rounded athlete, Anthony maintains an active
lifestyle that includes sports such as scuba diving, surfing, sky
diving, rock climbing, football and basketball.

During his photo session last week at the International Jock studios,
Anthony was shot wearing the new 2(x)ist Retro and Kinetic
collections of men's"> mens underwear.


Currently touring Thailand, we look forward to Anthony
returning for additional shoots at International Jock in the near future.

Anthony Nelson's Modeling Stats:   Height: 6' 1"
Waist: 31"    Hair: Brown    Eyes: Brown
Suit: 40"     Suit Length: R   Inseam: 33"

Anthony Nelson is represented by Vision Models in Los Angeles: