Monday 28 July 2008

On Display Men : Jason Pond

Jason was born in Washington but has spent most of his life in California. He has already participated in runway shows and has also done some promotional modeling. However, in this model’s opinion, he’s just begun his career. “I feel as though I’m still trying to get started,” Jason tells me, “so ask me again in a few months.”


A large part of Jason’s success as a model comes from eating the right foods and working out often. “I eat five to six small meals a day which are high in protein and low in carbs. I recently began doing cardio in the evenings. I never used to run because I hate it, but to achieve your goals you sometimes have to do things you don’t enjoy.”


Interview by Angie Workman   Photos by Adam Medders Photography

You can see more images and the full interview here

Sunday 27 July 2008

Alex Christensen

Recently signed with Major Model Management.

alex christensen

Alex's stats are :   Height    6'1"        Suit     40"    Waist   32"      Shoe   12.5 US          Hair  Brown           Eyes Hazel

alex christensen4 alex christensen3

Alex says on his Myspace page, who he would like to meet "People that wanna do something with their life, too many people settle for whats easy... scared to adventure into the unknown. I'm the opposite..easy to me is boring and difficult with time becomes easy! So I guess what I mean is.. always go after your dreams and don't ever settle!!"

alex christensen2alex christensen1

Saturday 26 July 2008

Josh Wald

Josh Wald, born 1979, is a model and skateboarder.

josh wald

Wald has done some ad campains for Rocco Barocco, Gap and has been featured in runway shows for Dolce & Gabbana and Versace.

josh wald1

Wald became famous when he was featured in a spring 2005 fashion photo spread in Out Magazine.

josh wald2

Thursday 24 July 2008

Daniel Goddard

Daniel Goddard (born on August 28, 1971 in Sydney, Australia) is a model and an actor. He nearly completed a degree in finance when he dropped out and transferred to the Ensemble Actors Studio. After several theatrical appearances, Goddard landed his first television role in the soap opera Home and Away as Eric Phillips.

daniel goddard daniel goddard2

Goddard then departed for Hollywood. During this period, he modeled for Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana. He landed the lead role of Dar on the BeastMaster and returned to his native country, Australia, to film the series. He has since joined the cast of the American soap The Young and the Restless as Cane Ashby.

 daniel goddard1

Wednesday 23 July 2008

Dayton Schlosser

Dayton Schlosser born in 1976 is the hottie model of A&F. The American model and tae-kwon-do athlete, perhaps one of the most beautiful in Abercrombie and Fitch history - young, sexy and muscled.

dayton schlosser

Most models make their entrance onto the fashion scene via a talent search or a casting office, or by being pulled aside in an airport lounge or off a city sidewalk- by agents who swear profusely that they aren't sniffing on them. Circumstances suggest the sexy rather than the cerebral.

dayton schlosser1

But when Dayton Schlosser, who is one of fashion Guys for the autumn 2001, made his entrance onto the figurative catwalk, the setting was in fact intellectual, or at least bookish. He was exiting an ivied building at the Governor Durnmer Academy in the prepschool-rich comer of Massachusetts north of Boston. It was July of 2000. Dayton had just graduated from Salem State College and was teaching summer school before assuming a full-time position in the English department at Whittier Regional Technical High School in nearby Haverhill.

dayton schlosser2dayton schlosser3

"I was walking outside with some students," Dayton says. "It was drizzling. All of a sudden, this guy comes up to me and starts asking about modeling."

Monday 21 July 2008

Choosing a modelling agency

So, you have all it takes to start modeling; all you have to do is turn to the nearest agency, which will instantly appreciate your talent and individuality and sing you up for a lucrative modeling job... Doesn’t that sound too easy? Unfortunately, nothing is that easy in modeling industry and before you sign with an agency, you better invest some time into careful selection and analysis. With so many scams out there, it pays off well to scrutinize you future employers as thoroughly, as they pick models for their jobs. Remember: you are getting picked, but you are also the one doing the picking. Being selective and wise is sure to save you loads of energy, frustration, and consequently, money.

So, before you sign with a model management, get to know the world you're plunging into.


Essentially, agencies are divided according to their specialization into modeling agencies, who scout out and hire fashion models and have an extensive roster of faces; talent agencies, whose work principles resemble recruiting agencies and which are, in fact, mediators; specialization agencies, which only perform certain types of modeling assignment (kids, plus-size, parts modeling, actors, dancers, ethnic, etc.).


Territorially, there are local agencies, which only operate within the city or country of their location and agencies which have offices in cities across the world.


There are major agencies, whose models work for leading designers, pose for catalogs and magazine covers, and whose clientele includes leading companies and trademarks; average agencies that have their fixed clientele and may have top-models in their rosters; small agencies that don't get many job assignments and whose cast is constantly changing. Such agencies have little or no chance of attracting a serious client.


One thing you have to do before signing with an agency is determine your goals. Ask yourself – what is modeling to you? Do you want a career of a professional model or is it just your hobby? Then, decide, if you have a possibility to work outside your city or country. Next, determine how much time you are ready to devote to modeling; is modeling your priority, or is your school or job more important to you? Once you have determined what you want, start looking for an agency.


Analyse modeling agencies in your area, find out which one has its models taking part in designer showcases, posing for ads and magazine covers more frequently than others (magazines usually indicate the name of a model and an agency). Large and professional agencies often have websites, which list their clients, their rules and requirements , picture galleries and casting calls. Choose several agencies and make an interview appointment.


During your first visit, take a close look at the agency's office, its atmosphere and surroundings, and  the way you are treated during an interview. Ask if you can take a look at the agency's portfolio, ask about the agency's clients and the kind of assignments it  carried out for them. Then, investigate the correctness of the information you received by talking to the agency's models (if possible) or, if you were showed magazine covers or spreads, make sure the corresponding issues of  these magazines really have those pictures. Use internet forums and discussions to find out all you can about the agency you talked to.

Once you've decided who you want to sign with, make another interview appointment to discuss details of your future cooperation. Usually, an agency will offer you a contract - it may be a basic contract, a probation period contract, or a one-time contract for a certain job.


Don't be turned off, if it is against the agency's policy to sign contracts with new faces; however, you should insist upon signing a contract for a particular given job. During your probation period, pay close attention to the agency's administrative staff, its models, its problems and benefits. Remember, that if anything goes wrong, you may stop working with this agency. Just don't be too fast to make a change, models who change agencies frequently, are treated with mistrust by modeling professionals.


All the above mentioned tips concern modeling agencies, that keep within the legally established limits. However, there's still one more type of agencies that you should know how to recognize and avoid, especially if Eastern Europe is your area of residence.  A lot of so-called model managements engage in business activities unrelated to modeling and sometimes barely legal, like consummation, business-escort or prostitution. Other fraudsters appropriate the model's money by lying about the real cost of modeling assignments and that's one of the most innocent forms the cheating may take. The next article, scheduled for June 3, will focus on modeling scams and how to recognize them.

Friday 18 July 2008

International Jock presents model Lee Kholafai

Up and coming young model Lee Kholafai recently spent two days in front of the camera for web retailer International Jock where he modeled new men's underwear from Diesel and Hugo Boss as well as,73850.html


Hardy Swimwear and Speedo's "Team USA" Beijing Olympics collection. The complete results can be seen at In addition to his work for International Jock, Lee was recently on the cover of Genre magazine and has modeled for American Eagle Outfitters, Land Rover, ESPN and Target.


22 year old Lee was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama and owned a car stereo and rim shop before being discovered and beginning his modeling career. He's a laid back, easy going guy who definitely exudes a positive energy.


Lee is represented by Vision Models in Angeles.

Lee Kholafai Stats:    Height: 6' 1" (185cm)    Waist: 31" (79cm)    Shoes: 11     Hair: Dark Brown      Eyes: Brown    Suit Length: R   Inseam: 32"

Wednesday 16 July 2008

On Display Men Model of the Week : Marvin Sweiden

Marvin originally hails from Lebanon, but he relocated to the states about five years ago and has been living in Texas for most of that time. His ascent into the modeling profession began roughly three years ago in Las Vegas when he participated in a runway model search.


Marvin caught the modeling bug and has been posing for the cameras ever since. “I haven’t done much yet besides amateur stuff, but I’m very dedicated and have a lot of passion for the industry. Succeeding in modeling takes a lot of hard work and a great agency that can get your face out there.”


This model also harbors a romantic side of his personality. “I like to do different stuff with the girl I’m on a date with – nothing like your typical date stuff. I try to make each date different and memorable. Anything that’s fun is good! I’m usually attracted to a girl that fits my lifestyle, is easygoing and fun.”


Interview by : Angie Workman   Photos : Ademar Young Photography

Tuesday 8 July 2008

Will Chalker

Will Chalker was born in East Sussex, England on March 7th 1980. The 6'1" tall British supermodel and 165 lb. amateur boxer began modeling at the age of twenty in 2000, leaving his earlier career as a construction worker after a friend took test shots of him.

will chalker

"I guess it's been distorted slightly over the years. I was working with a friend of mine on a building site. It was on a power station in Shoreham. He was at film college in Wandsworth. I went up there to collect some stuff with him and we did some pictures together. I took them to be developed and while he was off doing his stuff I took them into a couple of agencies. Someone I knew a couple of years before had done some modeling. Nothing serious like, just a little something they'd fallen into and they said I should try it. Nevs did some test shots with me and it's been a slow progression from there. The first couple of years were a bit rubbish, to be honest with you." - Will Chalker.

will chalker3

There was a tough beginning in the first two years in terms of his financial situation and the works available. Once he learned the ropes of business, Will Chalker was able to be versatile to meet the demands of different designers. He has been successfully modeling full-time for the past two and a half years.

will chalker2

Since then, the green-eyed and blonde bad boy has appeared in major designer campaigns including YSL, Perry Ellis, and Paul Smith. His runway tasks include opening and closing for Gucci, John Galliano's finishing tableau, Athena-poster look for D&G, and walking along Sonia Rykiel during her show. He has been modeling on the men's catwalks for nine seasons and modeling full-time since early 2003. He was crowned by the media as "the first male supermodel".

Friday 4 July 2008

Andy Ashton at

clip_image001Andy Ashton has signed with On Display Men Agency as the Lead Trainer for their site.  Clients and fans can read his biography, read his Fitness Advice and email him Questions to be answered by him.  Clients are also able to get personal advice from Andy with online consultation, California workouts or even a life wellness weekend with Andy.  Andy lead a team of certified personal trainers that model for On Display Men Agency.

Andy Ashton, NASM CPT, CES is a prominent expert in the field of health & fitness, corrective exercise and holistic lifestyle coaching. For over 5 years, Andy’s unique, holistic approach to treatment and education has inspired and enhanced the lives of countless clients. Andy’s concept is to treat the body as a whole system and find the root cause of a problem. Through this approach Andy has successfully coached clients toward complete resolution of their health & vitality, where the one size fits all approach has consistently failed.  In 2005 Andy became the Fitness Model World Champion beating over 90 competitors from around the world, held in Hollywood, CA.

Contact Andy at or 888-407-4271 x704.  Contact the Agency at  Photos and media kits are available.

Caleb Lane

Caleb Lane, born in Dallas, Texas, is an American model. He is probably best known for appearing in numerous sexy Dolce & Gabbanna ad campaigns.

caleb lane
Six-foot-one Lane is an internationally recognized model appearing in major ad campaigns, with clients like Calvin Klein, Armani, Kenneth Cole, Carloina Herrera (Fragrance), Levis, and Valentino lining up to book him. With the D Squared and Dolce & Gabbanna ads, he's grown into an urbane sophisticate that attracts a whole new coterie of the fashion industry's finest.

caleb lane2 caleb lane3

This blue-eyed hunk isn’t just another pretty face. Aside from modeling, he is also the successful author of the best-selling book "Model’s Bible" which shares his years of experience along with industry know-how for people interested in a modeling career.

caleb lane1

During his spare time, he loves to bike, go to the gym, swim, and write, which is his number-one hobby.

Wednesday 2 July 2008

JAMES ELLIS from pepperoni pizza to beach in summer

connex247 has a great interview with model James Ellis.

james ellis

James says "I like to spend my hot summer days at the beach when I have the time.  I enjoy surfing, playing beach volleyball, and Frisbee.  It’s also fun to throw the football around at the beach."

james ellis1

james ellis3  james ellis2

You can read the interview and see more pictures here