Tuesday 27 January 2009

Luke Guldan

A favourite of many modelling sites is Luke Guldan.  Classified as a fitness model by many he has done some excellent modelling for some popular sites.

luke guldan  luke guldan shirtless

He is  5’ 10” aged 22.

luke guldan (1)

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND/CERTIFICATIONS: B.A. in Public Relations with an outside concentration in Business at University of Florida.

luke guldan1

“I won a state championship in wrestling when I was six years old. I also used to skateboard hardcore back in the day, surprising but I think it helped my leg development. And I played three varsity sports in high school, track, volleyball and basketball (mvp senior year, hoot) along with a work out regimen. Athletics have always been a major part of my background growing up.”

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Courtesy lukeguldan.com

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