Saturday 5 April 2008

On Display Men Model Of The Week "Nick"

Nick is originally from Houston but and moved to Dallas to pursue his modeling and fitness career.  He has trained for a fitness competition.  He is very proud to be a 100% natural fitness competitor.  “I have never, and will never, consider taking the easy way out:  steroids.  Being natural instills a sense of pride and accomplishment.  The results don’t come as quick; but they last and are high quality.  I know that with consistent hard work anyone can achieve their healthy ideal physique that will last their lifetime.”  He works out hard and is strict about his nutrition. 


Nick is very dedicated to everything he does.  He knows what he wants and works persistently to achieve it.  Nick is definitely a Taurus.  His birthday is April 23.  He has a strong sense of relationship and cares about everyone in his life.  He is very patient and faithful.  He likes nice things and works hard to get them.

nick3 nick2

Nick is not only a serious fitness competitor, successful model and a great person:  he helped launch On Display Men back in 2007.     “On Display Men is an exciting new concept that will redefine the male modeling industry.  We are unique because our men are available for events, easy to relate to and they all have a different look.”


Nick is now back in Houston working in real estate and modeling.  You can watch his modeling video on his page at On Display Men together with lots more images.

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