Tuesday 29 April 2008

Modelling Agencies and Scams

Male Model Universe has not covered scams before, over the next few weeks as well as focusing on models we shall be providing you with useful tips and information.


Before you join an agency, do your homework. A glossy website alone does not mean that the agency is trustworthy. Don't become a victim.

Never pay money to a model agency. Do not join an agency if you are expected to pay a fee (e.g. for joining, membership or to have a portfolio produced). Reputable agencies never charge their models any fees. They make their money from finding paid work for you and taking a commission.

Always research the agency on the Internet (do a search for their name) to see what other people say about them. Concentrate on notice boards and similar sites that provide a discussion platform for models. Your research should be thorough and comprehensive.

Legitimate model agencies have offices that you can visit, and printed stationery.

Legitimate model agencies employ staff who you can talk to on the telephone. Don't just fill in a form on a website to sign up. Pick up the phone and speak to a human.

Reputable model agencies would not dream of signing you up on the strength of a photo and some details submitted over the Internet. They will want to meet you in person.

Do not be taken in if an agency contacts you because they have seen your picture somewhere on the Internet. Agencies do that (even good ones), so it's possible, but be extra careful in your research. Be also wary of spotters or scouts.

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