Sunday 6 March 2011

Zach Van Way @ On Display Men

Zach began modeling because “my friends had always told me I should try it out, and a few opportunities kind of just fell into my lap.” Since he began, he has “just shot for photographers' portfolios so far, and some trade show modeling as well.” But he would love to model for “any fitness magazine, Calvin Klein underwear and Abercrombie & Fitch.” as for his personal style, “I like fitted shirts and jeans, not too tight, just right.”


Zach believes that to be a success in the modeling industry you need “dedication and street smarts. You have to be weary of people who just want to take advantage of you.”As for rejection, he “just moves on.” He is excited to be a part of On Display Men because “it seems like an amazing opportunity to get noticed.”


Zach's main goal in life is to “get my bachelors and go to law school.” He is driven to achieve his goals by “seeing others succeed and watching my body grow.”


Pictures by Josh Camero Photography You can read more about Zach at On Display Men


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sha169 said...

super face, hottest sexy body & figer i like