Sunday 27 February 2011

Austin Otto @ On Display Men

Austin began modeling because “I always had an interest and once I got an opportunity to test shoot and be in a local commercial, I was hooked and decided just to go for it.”


So who has he modeled for? “At this point I am new and fresh into modeling, so my first is still yet to be seen.” But he would love to model for “Calvin Klein, its just classic.”


To be a successful as a model, it takes “determination, dedication and a passion to be part of something beautiful.” As for rejection in the industry, “I will just learn from the experience and make sure I do everything possible to be prepared to succeed in the next opportunity.”


He is excited to be a part of On Display Men “because I have experience first hand Alan [Rust's] genuine dedication to making a productive, positive impact on the modeling industry. That kind of heart is the key element to success and has been very inspiring.”


You can read the full interview at On Display Men

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