Sunday 12 April 2009

On Display Men : Dakota

Dakota is a fledgling model that shows great promise. He spends most of his evenings dancing at Labare and was recently featured in one of their photo shoots in Downtown Dallas. He and his friends may get a bit crazy at times, but they definitely know how to have fun. Dakota admits he doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do with his life but says, “I just want a job I love that pays the bills.”


Dakota, a resident Texan, began contemplating a career in modeling at the age of eighteen. He’s brand new to the modeling world, but he already shows amazing potential. He just completed his first photo shoot from Labare, part of which took place in Downtown Dallas. “I really enjoyed the studio aspect more than outdoors, only because you can control the lighting and conditions, but the whole thing was a really great experience.”

dakota2 dakota3

When he’s not modeling, Dakota is a self-described night owl. “I’m not up too much during the daytime. I’ve been dancing at Labare for almost a year now, so I’m pretty active at night. I can’t say I really enjoy the job, but it’s good money.”


You can read the full interview here

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