Tuesday 4 November 2008

Trey Hoffart

Trey Hoffart is a successful bodybuilder and fitness model. “I’ve only been lifting for five years,” Trey explains, “but I love it.” His love of bodybuilding and lifting has obviously paid off, since he placed in three competitions in 2007. Trey placed 5th in the NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic XI; he placed 3rd in the NPC Branch Warren Bodybuilding Figure and Fitness Extravaganza; Trey secured an impressive 2nd place in the NPC Texas State Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure Championships.


It’s no wonder that Trey has been so successful in both his modeling and fitness endeavors. “I don’t like to mess around when I’m working. I take a photo shoot just as seriously as any other job.”


Trey’s commitment to excellence has catapulted him to success. “I love eating!” Trey exclaims. “I eat a lot of steak, seafood, vegetables and different types of fish.” His hefty appetite, however, is offset by his vigorous Monday through Friday workout schedule which would make even a seasoned athlete flinch.

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Interviewed by Angie Workman  Photos Adam Medders Photography


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