Monday 23 June 2008

Wettackle Australia Swimwear collaborates with

Wettackle Australia – Personalized Men’s Swimwear has collaborated with Gaz of to bring you 3 new photographs featuring Fluoro Blue, Yellow and Black/White men’s swim briefs.

Featured in the Photos are Vince Azzopardi (Fluoro Blue, Above), Jools Newsom (Yellow, Below) and Mark Kaplan (Black/White, end pictures)

The Yellow Swim brief features the Wettackle Australia – ‘Show off down under!’ in Red font on the rear. The Fluoro Blue Swim brief features a Blue and White ‘AUS’ on the front right side and
the Black and White Swim brief features the Wettackle Australia Logo on the Rear.

Wettackle Australia Swim briefs are locally designed and are available from

There are a few more pics of Mark Kaplan that are below.  I was looking through the site and noticed  wettackleaustralia do a great pair of England swimming briefs.

Mark Torse BWMark Torso Blue

Mark Torso Yellow

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