Friday 22 February 2008

Michael Pendergrass

Signed to Click Models in Atlanta he has a boyish look about him.

Michael Pendergrass

6.2" tall with a 32" waist he is perfect model build.  Size 10 Shoes, not being american I always forget whether thats big, but I think it is.

Michael Pendergrass1Michael Pendergrass2

Brown Eyes and Brown Hair is a perfect combination, 15.5" Shirt measurement.

Michael Pendergrass3Michael Pendergrass4

He does have a great look about him, he would like perfect in some of the daytime soaps on TV, well actually any soap really.

Michael Pendergrass5

I'm sure I can picture his face from somewhere but its not clicking at the moment.  I could give Click Atlanta an email and find out but its late, so I am not going to.

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