Sunday 30 August 2009

Alan Valdez

Alan is originally from Mexico but now lives in Miami, FL. He owes the beginning of his modeling career in part to his sister. “I went to a casting with my sister so she wasn’t there by herself, but we were both selected. I started to model after that.” His career as a model has included ads for “Vista Video,,, Model Universe and Model America contests.”


To Alan success as a model is gained through “discipline, determination and being smart.” When it comes to rejection in the industry, “I think there’s someone made for each assignment, and we just can’t be perfect for everything.” He is excited to be a part of On Display Men because “it’s a great way to be exposed to the media and fans.”


Alan has ambitions of “being a successful model and actor, going to college and having a family.” To achieve these goals he is driven by “my desire to succeed.” The person he looks up to the most is “Greg Plitt”


When it comes to sports “ I like to play and watch basketball.” Besides basketball, Alan stays in shape by “eating healthy and training right.”


First impressions of Alan are usually that “I am a good guy, down to earth and very mature for my age.” However his friends know that he is “passionate, dedicated, disciplined, fun, athletic and funny.” When Alan’s with his friends, he enjoys “dancing at the club or hanging out at the beach.” But when he’s on his own, he spends his time “going to the movies, shopping, playing playstation, hanging out on the beach and dancing.” His dream vacation would be to “Europe.”


You can see more of Alan Vadez at On Display Men

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