Tuesday 2 December 2008

Chase Wright

Chase began his modeling career about two years ago at the behest of friends who urged him to consider the profession. He took their advice and enrolled in modeling school at Lisa Maile in Orlando, Florida. Since then, he has appeared in several ads, commercials and runway shows.

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“I have done work with the WB Daily Buzz and Golf Weekly performing TV fashion modeling. I have also done three commercials including Hyundai, Banco Popular and Cheap Guys Computer repair. Print modeling I’ve done includes work for UrbanBody.com as well as Caribbean Resorts Clothing line. I have also participated in runway shows for McDonald’s, Prime Outlets and Xtreme Clothing.”


Chase has already achieved success in a fickle business, but the end is nowhere in sight as far as he is concerned. “I’m fine with rejection because it’s such a big part of the industry.


You just have to realize that the career-making job might be just around the corner. You can’t be complacent about the present, and you always have to be looking ahead for the bigger job.”


Interview by Angie Workman  Photos by AJR Imaging 

You can seen more of Chase at On Display Men

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