Tuesday 23 September 2008

Mark Anthony : On Display Men

Mark Anthony is a debuting model who has already gained great success and shows no signs of slowing. He has done promotional modeling for Alltel and will soon be participating in his first fashion show for Charlotte’s fashion week. “I’ve only been modeling since March,”


Mark Anthony tells me, “but I’m getting my face out there and doing paid work. I’m getting the opportunity to model both a formal suit and a swimsuit for the fashion show, and I’m really excited because it should give me a lot of exposure.”


Mark Anthony has climbed the modeling ladder because of his determined attitude. “I got started in modeling because I applied myself to it. I was recruited by a well-known photographer in Florida who produced some really fantastic shots of me and gave me the direction I needed.”


The reason for Mark Anthony’s success in such a short period of time is clear to me; he combines great looks, a phenomenal sense of humor and complete confidence in his success.


Interview by Angie Workman You can see more images and the full interview at On Display Agency

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