Sunday 17 August 2008

Larry Hankins

Larry has been in the modeling industry almost two years now, and he recently connected with On Display Men while he was working out in the gym. Larry began his modeling career as a promotional model for Gan-Eden, a startup clothing line. With On Display Men, Larry soon hopes to take his career to the next level.


Don’t be fooled by the pretty face; Larry has an extensive background in business and has a Masters in Entrepreneurship. “I plan to get my MBA or PhD in Economics, or possibly both. Since I’m an Excavation and Oil Investment Consultant, I’ll probably end up doing something in the realm of Antitrust.


“I’m also a published author. My senior research paper, ‘Cruise Control,’ was published by the Michigan State Securities and Business Law Journal. The paper covered Cruise Line Mergers and whether the FCC would allow them to take place or not.” Now that’s a mouthful! When I asked Larry if the paper was his thesis, he corrected me, saying “No, you do your thesis when you’re getting your Doctorate.” Obviously, he knows his stuff.


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