Tuesday 4 March 2008

Lucas Walker

Lucas Walker is a fitness model and has appeared in Playgirl Magazine. Nude modelling is normal nowadays, well apparantly it is when Playgirl is concerned. He's currently on the books with Mega Muscle Models. He is 22 and originally from Spokane. Standing 5'10" tall with a 30" waist and 42" chest he is definitely well proportioned.

He says about himself "I grew up in a tiny town in Washington and I had a pretty regular life going to school, playing sports... the usual. All of my life I have always known that I would move on to something bigger. My friend Zach introduced me to a company in California and I was quickly doing shoots all over the country. I quickly fell in love with the pace and lifestyle in Hollywood and before to long, I put into action my plan to relocate there."

You can read more about Lucas and view more pics on his website.

Lucas has also appeared in two mega muscle DVD's Hot Shots 2007 and Lucas Walker Behind the Scenes

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