Monday 24 December 2007

Ale Marchi

Ale Marchi, real name Alexander Marchi de Siqueira, born August 10, 1979, in Sao Paulo, is a Brazilian model.


Standing 6'-1" and 175 pounds, Ale Marchi has been modeling for almost 7 years now. Marchi started his career completely by chance. He was a freshman communications (journalism) student, and was invited by a friend from school to go to an agency. "Until then, I had never thought about modeling," he remembers. "Since I wasn't enjoying the class, I decided to take a chance."


And indeed he took a risk. Ale Marchi changed schools, worked six months in Brazil, until he was presented with an invitation to work in Europe, where he stayed for six months


The way he faces the modeling career, is however, what makes this paulistano (native of Sao Paulo city) different from many of his peers. " I don't depend so much on the fashion because I support myself in another way," he said. This other way is a store of beach fashion and athletic clothing, put together 2 years ago - the result of his post graduate degree in Business Administration.


"I started to take a new class and came back to Europe and obviously I got a little off track the modeling work. Sometimes, I go four months without doing any work in that field," he said.

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